"ERIS BSK 400 series" wireless systems for your safety

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"ERIS BSK 400 series" is an up-to-date gas pollution monitoring system for a wide range of applications. Combined with "PG ERIS-414", "PG ERIS-411" portable detectors and "DGS ERIS-210-RF", "Advant-2-RF" wireless gas detectors, it turns into innovative wireless tools to monitor the gas pollution of the work area. The system could be applied for the routine repairs to connect the gas measuring instruments in places where engineering networks are not available.

"ERIS BSK 400 series" wireless monitoring system offers the maximum personnel safety during the work performance at the facilities, ensures the safety control throughout the entire territory in order to avoid toxic gas concentrations dangerous to life and health.

Advantages of "ERIS BSK 400 series"

  • Complete air pollution monitoring
  • No capital expenses for cables laying and maintaining
  • Immediate introduction of changes in the equipment layout projects
  • Application of mobile data sources
  • Easy scaling and extension of coverage area
  • Redundancy at minimum expenses
  • Easy integration into common wire systems (via "DGS ERIS-210" modem, or innovative module "ERIS IMPERIUM")
  • Equipment setting and diagnostics via Bluetooth
  • Communication distance up to 20 km
  • Automatic generation of reports on the gas pollution level in the working area

"ERIS BSK 400 series" wireless monitoring system enables to simultaneously analyse information coming from several sensors, transmit information from "PG ERIS-414", "PG ERIS-411" portable gas detectors by radio channel both via "DGS ERIS-210" repeater, and directly to:

- explosion-proof tablet / smart phone

- explosion-proof "DGS ERIS-210" modem

- any multi-functional controllers: "SGM ERIS-130", "ERIS IMPERIUM"

- operator's AWS.

The incoming information is continuously displayed on the controller or AWS in real-time mode and archived. All required parameters are transmitted to the AWS: gas pollution level, data on gas detectors operability, location and movements of a worker with the portable detector. The system makes impossible to hide information on the gas pollution at the production site / in the work area. Reports on the movements of a worker with the portable gas detector are generated automatically and indicates the gas pollution of the work area. The following report settings could be used: walk-over routes; gas pollution on the route with time indication; average value of work environment pollution per shift, etc.

In addition "ERIS S-Point" SOS button enables the worker at any time to communicate the danger or possible threat and thus to timely respond and prevent the emergency situation at the production facility.

Upon detection of maximum allowable concentration of gases, "ERIS BSK 400 series" transmits the alarm signal to all network devices; it means that gas detectors and associated devices located at places of hazardous gas concentration send signals on exceeding the maximum allowable concentration. It enables to easily detect alarm and threat location. The system displays maximum gas concentration in the controlled area thus enables to detect hazardous area location.

Configuration of "ERIS BSK 400 series"

Individual safety devices

  • Wireless sensors and gas detectors

Safety control

  • explosion-proof "ERIS" tablet
  • explosion-proof "ERIS" smart phone

Auxiliary alarm system

  • "ERIS BSO" alarm module