The Service division is equipped with a wide range of standard(reference) equipment for veryfication and calibration of measuring instruments. Metrological service of our company is accredited for veryfication and calibration for outside organizations, it is allow us to solve most tasks in complex.

The service division consists of the departments carried out a complex of works for:

  • liquid flow measurement instruments
  • gas flow measurement instruments
  • pressure measurement instruments
  • temperature measurement instruments
  • physical and chemical measurement instruments
  • electrical measurement instruments

produced by a large number of russian and foreign manufacturers.

For efficient and high-quality of works, repair service based on service centers opened my our partenrs and based on our company and our stuff.

Our partners are the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments.

ERIS Company in an effort to ensure quality and prompt repair, maintenance of measuring instruments is constantly working on the discovery and confirmation of regional service centers of manufacturers of measuring instruments, such as: