Department of liquid flow measurements

The department has two reference installations:
  • RUOM with a range of 0.005 to 900 m3/ h
  • RUOM-50 with a measuring range from 0.03 to 50 m3/h

which allows us to serve the flowmeter type size diameter of 4 mm to 400 mm. Error setting for the gravimetric method is ± 0,04%.

Currently we work on expanding the range of RUOM-200 to 500 m3/h, which will increase the upper range of verified devices.
The department deals with verification, calibration, adjustment and repair of the following measuring instruments:
  • basis weight gauge
  • flow meters and counters (electromagnetic types)
  • ultrasonic
  • vortex
  • turbine
  • measuring tanks
  • gauges
  • mass tank measurement installations
  • measuring systems and other