The left-hander sculpture

"Without an explicit enhanced industriousness

no talents,

nor geniuses"

Dmitry Mendeleev

For the edification of collectives and the younger generation set in the territory of the company sculpture to chant talent, originality and hard work of the Russian people. The proposal addressed from company's management to team of ERIS Group.

After a brief discussion, work began on the implementation of ideas. A survey was conducted among employees of the company, what is he - a symbol of Russian labor skills?

Hero has been selected all familiar from school - the character of Nikolai Leskov "Levsha." (left-hander, lefty). Painted image of the author of "Lefty" is the personification of everything Russian working people. Strong, talented and genuinely loving people of his fatherland. "We are committed to our homeland," - the answer of Lefty to the British an invitation to stay in England.

Sculptor composition became Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Udmurtia, the winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Udmurtia, winner of the Russian Interior Ministry Prize in literature and art, Pavel Medvedev. This sculptor was given a difficult task to embody the collective thought in a particular figure.

The company's team has been involved at every stage of the creation of the sculpture from concept to opening, so "Levsha" was the collective work of ERIS employees.

August 20, 2016, in the territory of ERIS opening ceremony of the sculpture "Levsha - a symbol of Russian labor skill." The guests of the festival became the company's employees and their families.

October 3, 2016 was held in dedication to students, young workers Tchaikovsky College of Industrial Technology and Management.
Levsha has become a symbol not only for employees but also for the future professionals of our great country.