About the company

Group of companies "ERIS" - a leader in the introduction of innovative technologies.

Combining years of experience, modern technologies and highly qualified personnel, ERIS Group offers solutions for all industries and utilities in accordance with the high standards of reliability and safety.

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Our activities
  • development and production of measuring instruments
  • selection and delivery of measuring instruments
  • installation and commissioning
  • certification of measuring instruments
  • maintenance
  • warranty and repair service
  • verification and calibration of measuring instruments
We solve the most important problems
  • control of gas concentration and increase safety in the workplaces
  • providing fire safety
  • improving the environmental situation in human settlements and industrial zones
  • the development of instrument-making industry in Russia
Our history
"ERIS" has been working since 1997, and for 25 years it has gained:
  • rich experience
  • well-deserved trust and recognition
  • reliable partners
  • constant customers
Our customers
  • enterprises for extraction and processing of oil, gas and other minerals
  • chemical production plants
  • factories for the production of food products and beverages
  • fuel-energy and generating companies
  • machine-building and semi-conducting industries

The main principle of our work is to be in contact with our customers, to satisfy the customers’ needs and requirements, which ultimately lead to the achievement of high quality service and maintenance.