Thermocatalytic sensor

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The thermocatalytic sensor (DCT series) is designed to detect combustible gases, including hydrogen (H2), or vapours within the explosive range in the working area at the facilities of general industrial use and hazardous industries. The sensor includes a sensing element based on patented technology and provides high immunity to overloading and poisoning by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hexamethyldisilane (HMDS).

·High repeatability of measurement results due to patented sensing element technology

·Temperature stability. Temperature drift is less than 5% of the LFL

·Low response time T90 is less than 10 seconds

·Resistant to catalytic poisoning and overloading

·Rugged construction resistant to shock (fall from a height of 1-8 m) and vibration loads (up to 150Hz).

·Compliance with the requirements of TRCU 012/ 2011

·Ingress protection is IP65

·Estimated lifetime is 5 years