Implementation of the national project "Labor productivity and employment support"

10:58, 21.05.2019

Within the framework of the national project "Labor productivity and employment support" the group of companies "ERIS" is actively working to educate leaders and create a theoretical knowledge base for their employees in the field of lean manufacturing.

In April of this year, training was launched on the topic: "Kaizen from A to Z: 15 basic tools for the introduction of lean production." The first course of study immediately gave its results and brought 94 kaizen-offers to the piggy bank of the enterprise.
This week on the territory of the company completed the second course. Together with expert Kaizen Center, Perm, Natalia Alexandrova, employees of the ERIS group of companies discussed possible production losses, improved logistics, studied the organization of workplaces according to the 5S system, and analyzed the methods for improving production efficiency.
To date, more than 40% of the company's employees have gained new knowledge in the field of the organization of lean manufacturing.