"SIBUR" highly appreciated the "ERIS" technologies

08:27, 29.03.2019

"ERIS" specialists presented the equipment developed and put into production. Presentation was hels within the framework of a regular meeting of "SIBUR" metrologists and specialists with the Russian producers of equipment. The event was held on March 20-21 in Tyumen. It was devoted to discussion of import substitution, digitization and methods for unmanned manufacture. Traditionally, there is a special interest in the "ERIS" new developments. The Company represented wireless safety systems "BSK ERIS of 400 series" at the meeting. The participants got acquainted with wireless self-powered gas analyzers "DGS ERIS of 210 series". Further, portable gas analyzers "PG ERIS of 414 series" with the possibility of positioning through GPS via Bluetooth or LoRa WAN Data Communication Protocol. Programme Products and Applications designed for convenience of work and servicing the emission ecological control systems "SМV ERIS of 400 series", which is designed to perform each individual customer’s tasks including all specific conditions (natural, technological, operational, financial, etc.) were demonstrated.

Dedicated experts of "SIBUR" highly appreciated the "ERIS" advanced technologies. The agreements on pilots testing of wireless products, total project development with regard to meeting the requirements of FZ № 219 "On Environmental Protection were achieved". It is also planned to participate in system design together with "NIPIGAS". A number of meetings to develop the solutions in methods of "unmanned" technologies and Internet of things has been scheduled.