Dear customers!
We can organize trainings located on our company or on customers side. Usually our training based on maintenance, configuration and customization of our products. Course duration from 1 to 2 days. After completing the course we make a certificate confirming that the specialist has been trained to work with devices manufactured by the company of ERIS. For training of Your specialists on the basis of our company, You need to write a letter to the General Director of OOO "ERIS" with a request to take on training for Your staff. Indicate the number of employees and estimated date of arrival and the issues You wish to consider within the training.

You can leave the application or to address questions regarding training email:
Indicate in the message that you are interested in training on equipment, ERIS and leave your contact details.
In addition to classroom training, we offer you to take

online courses on various issues related to commissioning, maintenance and repair of gas detection equipment manufactured by ERIS. The training is done through Skype or other means of communication.

You can also see training videos posted to our Youtube channel by clicking the link below:

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