Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Where to get permits for the application of your products?

Technical and licensing documentation available on the page

  • How long is the warranty period on your equipment

    The warranty period is specified in the instruction manual for the devices. The guarantee period is up to 3 years. For details, refer to information on pages
  • Where to send equipment in for repair, and in what way?

Shipping address: 617762 Russia, Perm Region, Tchaikovsky, Promyshlennaya street 8/25, "ERIS" LLC, phone: +7 - 34241 - 65511, contact person Ekaterina Davydova, phone extension 101. You can deliver instruments to us via any transport company or courier service

  • Where can I get a price list for your equipment?

Please contact the sales Department by writing to a shared mailbox You will be contacted by a personal Manager

  • How to configure gas detector DGS ERIS-210-1? In the lab? What are the ways?

Zero setup and span calibration can be performed in three ways: magnet, RS-485 interface and HART.

  1. Calibration using a magnetic key. The procedure described in the Appendix T in the operating manual for the detector DGS ERIS-210
  2. calibration via RS-485 interface is used VIA the service, setup utility located here:
  3. for HART use the HART Communicator