Gas detection systems

Fixed gas detection systems SGM ERIS 100 series

have unsurpassed versatility with certified gas detectors produced by ERIS, as well as a number of manufacturers.
The fully configurable system allows to connect 1 to 256 detectors. Embedded software is specially designed to meet the challenges of measurement defined components. For ease of use data with the concentration of the measured components and the place of installation of gas detectors are displayed on a compact LCD placed on Archiving and datalog module (ADM). System configuration can be carried out from the ADM, using the keyboard, as well as PC(using special software). Optimization of control of gas detectors readings attained realization of grouping of large systems into subsystems. The unique principle of the system allows you to increase or decrease the number of channels any time, since each channel is certified separately.

The system is available in two versions:

  • 19" 3U RACK housing
  • DIN-rail housing

Transportable gasdetection systems ERIS BSC-400 and VD-4000

are designed for control combustible and toxic gases during temporary work outdoors as well as indoors. The systems allows to control of security, not only at the place of work, but also in remote areas (for safety management). The high degree of protection against external influences allows the use of even the most severe operating conditions. The use of removable rechargeable batteries and the ability to replace them in the dangerous (Ex) zone ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment throughout the works.