SGM ERIS-130 - Multi-channel controller

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Controller SGM ERIS-130

The multichannel gas detection controller accepts inputs up to 8 4-20 mA sensors transmitters and up to 32 sensors transmitters at RS-485 ModBus. Control system support programming, log and detectors map survey features. Outputs allow setting up to the 4 relays, RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces. Small DIN-rail mounted housing is suitaЫe for construction compact size control systems.

Capabllities and Advantages

  • Up to 32 detectors connection (RS-485)
  • Bright and wide LED display
  • Built-in alarms (audio and visual).
  • Thresholds settings
  • Controllers calibration
  • АС or DC power supply
  • Ethernet output interface
  • Wireless connections
  • Log and trends storage
  • Remote log
  • Anti-shock housing
  • СаЫе line tests
  • Alarm acknowledgment
  • Relays
  • Basic technical specifications
    lndication and alertingLEDs, displays, audiЫe alarms
    Management Functional key, Remote management
    lnput signals 4-20 mA - 8 channels, RS-485 Modbus - 32 channels
    Output signals RS-232, RS-485 Modbus, Ethernet
    Relays Threshold 1, threshold 2, threshold 3 and fault
    Supply voltage24 V DC or 220 V АС with power supply unit
    Temperature conditions -l0°C ... +50°С
    IP Rating IP20
    Firmware functions with settings, fault diagnosis and protection from unauthorized access
    The range of input voltage
    from 18 to 32 VDC (Nominal 24 VDC)
    Type of input (sensor connection)
    Two versions of the input signal type by:
    • MVT - 4-20 mA;
    • RS-232/485 Modbus (from 1 to 32 detectors)

    Supports simultaneous use of MBT and RS-232/485,
    respectively, at the same time, you can connect up to 40 detectors

    HousingDIN - Rail mounting
    Alarm acknowledge functionYes
    Average service life, years, not less
    Verification interval, years
    The basic package
    1. Gas detection controller - 1 pc.
    2. Passport - 1 pc.
    3. User manual - 1 pc.
    4. PC software - 1 pc.