ERIS IP-330 Fire flame detector

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ERIS IP-330 triple infrared explosion-proof flame detector addresses а wide range of fire protection applications both indoors and outdoors. Detecting а wide range of Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon flaming fires. Optical detection of radiant energy in а solid angle field of view enables coverage of а large risk area.

Features and benefits

Long distance detection
  • Extremly wide viewing angle up to 90°
  • Explosion-proof housing with high visiblity color
  • High speed sensors and response time
  • Analog and digital output for simple connectivity (mA, relay, MODBUS, НАRТ) Events Log
Fix fire alarm status
  • Switch off fire alarm for tests feature
  • Swivel bracket allows to bе installed and aligned covering the hazard
Enables quicker and easier installation
  • Comprehensive automatic Self-test
  • Extended warranty period
  • False alarm rejection
  • Wide range of operation temperatures -60 ... + 85°С (-76 ... 185°F)
Good resistance against the influence of external factors
  • Suitable fo outdoor application with protective visor

Main technical specifications

Detection range Heptane 60 m
Ethanol 30 m
Noise immunity lncandescent light 250 Lux
Electroluminescent 2500 Lux
Heated body
Direct sunlight
Cone of detection90 °
Response time Less then 10 seconds
Output signal 4-20 mA+НART 7, RS-485 Modbus
Relay 1 alarm, 1 fault
lnput voltage 9 ... 32 V DC
IP Rating IP67
Temperature range-60°С to +85°С (-76°F to 185°F)
lndication Status LEDs