The First School "Science Day 2020"

13:30, 06.03.2020

The representatives of "ERIS" arranged the first school "Science Day 2020" on the basis of the Secondary School No. 7.

The "ERIS" employees told the pupils what the science is in modern production, what is the structure of the sensor — "heart of gas analyzer", and even gathered their own prototype of gas sensor together with children.

Within the framework of this event, the pupils of 9-11thforms have managed to get acquainted with measuring devices of gas analysis, length measurement, geodesy and electricity of the last century. The "ERIS" Group employees explained the principle of operation of each device and taught how to use these devices. Three hours later, the senior pupils were able to pass on the acquired knowledge to the younger generation.

The pupils of the 8-9thforms, thanks to new guides from the senior school, were pleased to understand the action of measuring devices of the twentieth century. The children learned how to use gas from lighters to check the operation of ERIS gas analyzers, boiled water in a kettle to learn how thermographs work, learned to change the radius of rounded surfaces and collect series and parallel electric circuits.