On July 5, 2019, “ERIS LLC” to Take Part in Perm Region Production Companies Exhibition, among the National Projects’ Participants

08:00, 02.07.2019

At the Event, “ERIS LLC” is presenting its latest innovative technological solutions including “ERIS SMV Series 400”, the emissions ecological monitoring system. The system is designed to comply with Federal Law No. 219-FZ dd. July 21, 2014 “On Introducing Amendments to Federal Law ‘On Environment Protection’” under “Ecology” National Project in which “ERIS LLC” takes part.

Apart from “Ecology” National Project, the Company also participates in the following projects:

“Labor Production and Employment Support”;

“International Cooperation and Export”; and

“Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Individual Entrepreneur Initiative Support”.

The Exhibition venue is the site of “Perm Scientific and Production Instrument Making Company” located at: 25thOctober St, Bldg 106, Facility 10, ERIS Booth No. 9, Perm.