The Perm Territory Head Visited the "ERIS" Company

08:00, 28.08.2020

On August 27, Dmitry Makhonin, the Perm Territory Head, within the framework of an official visit to the city Tchaikovsky, visited the "ERIS" production site. He assessed the company's capacity, the level of its employees' qualifications, and talked to the team. During his stay at the enterprise, the regional leadership and "ERIS" representatives discussed the organization of import-substituting production of gas-sensitive sensors designed to measure flammable and toxic gases concentration, as well as the company's participation in state support programs. Also, innovative new products using IIoT technologies within the framework of the "Industry 4.0" project were presented to the Region Head. For your information, in the "ERIS" development wireless data transmission modules are implemented in serial devices: stationary and portable gas analysers. Furthermore, modules can be installed in third party products. "Thus, the "ERIS" development makes it possible to create a full-fledged wireless infrastructure at enterprises," Vladimir Yurkov, "ERIS" Director General, explained.

The work of the stationary gas analyser of the new generation Advant 4 was demonstrated separately. Its fundamental difference from the device models of previous generations is the ability to measure simultaneously from two to four gases. As a result, there is no need to install several gas analysers.

Also, a novelty was presented – gas alarm-indicator of the operation of the gas mask filter MicroGas, designed to monitor the resource of gas masks and respirators filter elements.