ERIS Group Presented New Equipment at the XVI All-Russian Forum-Exhibition "Goszakaz (State order)"

10:03, 26.03.2021

On March 24, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov and a delegation of the Perm Region consisting of the Head of the Perm Region Dmitry Makhonin, the Minister of Industry of the Perm Region Alexey Chibisov, and the First Deputy Minister of Industry of the Perm Region Elena Degtiareva held the meeting with in the framework of the XVI All-Russian Forum-Exhibition GOSZAKAZ.

The representatives of the regional and federal authorities discussed with Dmitry Yurkov ERIS Group Development Director concerning the company's partnership in the state support programs, and entering to the Unified Register of Radio-Electronic Products to assist the ERIS equipment registration.

At the edge stand "ERIS" presented a line of DGS ERIS series 200 a single-channel stationary gas analyzers, including a sensor-gas analyzer of the wireless model DGS ERIS-210-RF using wireless technologies. Demonstrated the potential of portable gas analyzers ERIS-414 with a portable device (SOS button) ERIS S POINT, which serves to transmit a distress signal even in the absence of any other communication.

Also presented were Advant 2/4 with the ability to use from two to four types of sensors and measurement of several flammable gases, a stationary sensor ERIS XS, which is supplied as part of the SGM ERIS gas control system of the 100 series and a gas alarm indicator of the operation of the MicroGas gas mask filter, intended for monitoring resource of development of filtering elements of gas masks and respirators.

A patented production line of sensing elements for gas analyzers sensors as well as photoionization, thermocatalytic and electrochemical sensors were presented at the exhibition for the first time. The new product is planned to be used not only in its own production of gas analyzers, but also for implementation in the general market of gas analyzer manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.