"ERIS" Demonstrated Its Products to the Perm Territory Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade

19:04, 03.09.2020

On August 14, during his official visit to the "ERIS" manufacturing site, innovative new products using IIoT technologies within the framework of the "Industry 4.0" project were presented to Alexey Chibisov, the Minister.

For your information, in the "ERIS" development wireless data transmission modules are implemented in serial devices: stationary and portable gas analysers. For example, the work of the stationary gas analyser of the new generation Advant 4 was demonstrated to him. If there is a need to measure different types of gases, then there is no need to install several gas analyser sensors in the gas analysers of this line.

Also, the possibilities of an innovative development - gas alarm-indicator of the operation of the filter MicroGas – were showed. The novelty is designed to monitor the resource of gas masks and respirators filter elements. The device guarantees the personnel safety, preservation of life and health, saves on expendable materials.

Alexey Chibisov also visited the "ERIS" production workshop, where he got acquainted with all stages of the production of sensors, technological wireless gas safety solutions "ERIS BSK series 400", gas and fire safety systems, emission monitoring systems "ERIS SMV series 400".

Furthermore, a project was presented for the import-substituting production of gas-sensitive sensors designed to measure flammable and toxic gases concentration.