“ERIS LLC”: Way to Improvement and Output Increase

12:00, 16.07.2019

Since early May, “ERIS LLC” activities have been done under “Labor Efficiency and Employment Support” National Project.

During the past three weeks, four working groups have simultaneously undergone training in the following areas:

1) “Labor Efficiency Increase”

2) “СPК1ххSystem Program Controller: Basic Course (developing in CODESIS 3.5 environment)”

3) “Kaizen from A to Z: 15 Basic Tools to Introduce Sustainable Production”

4) “Purchase and Supply Management. Efficient Cooperation with Suppliers”

Thus, by late 2019, it is planned to improve qualification of min 90% employees in “LLC ERIS”.

When a company aims to develop, improve and achieve results in the long term, the best way to get rid of loss” symptoms", their root causes and prepare to any economic shocks and new records is to follow Sustainable Production Principles and increase labor efficiency.

To introduce leadership system and competent production management is the very goal management of “ERIS LLC” Group of Companies pursued when they joined participants of “Labor Efficiency and Employment Support” National Project.