Affordable Wireless Gas Contamination Control Systems. Myth or reality?

13:46, 17.09.2019

Wireless gas contamination monitoring has never been easy. ERIS BSK series 400 – an advanced system of gas contamination monitoring for a wide range of application. This system provides maximum control of the employees safety at the facilities during the work performance, allows to create a control system throughout the territory that requires safety and eliminates the concentration of gas pollution hazardous to life and health.

ERIS BSK Series 400 one can:

- promptly organize comprehensive monitoring of gas pollution at the scene of an accident/working area in field conditions;
– significantly save on the cable systems laying and maintenance;

– if necessary, increase the gas control zone to 20 km, due to simple integration with traditional wired systems;

– to easily configure and diagnose equipment using Bluetooth;

– receive real-time information about the movement of personnel with portable devices;

– generate automatic reports on the gas pollution levels in the working area, thereby eliminating the concealment and falsification of onsite gas pollution information;

– set up any reports on bypass routes, gas contamination on the entire bypass route with time indication, medium-shift gas contamination of the environment in which the employee is staying, etc.

Wireless system ERIS BSK Series 400 can be used virtually in any industry: metallurgy, energy, petrochemistry, food processing industry, shipbuilding, the transportation of oil and gas, the pulp and paper network, water treatment, public services and other areas.

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