Specialists of the ERIS LLC held a business game for the representatives of the subsidiaries of Gazprom LLC

10:00, 29.04.2019

From April 24 to April 27, the enterprise Gazprom LLC organized and held a meeting in Sochi "On the results of work on occupational safety, industrial, anti-fountain, fire and gas safety in the subsidiaries and organizations of Gazprom LLC in 2018 and tasks for 2019" . Representatives of the ERIS LLC took part in one of the round tables of the meeting.

Within the framework of this round table, representatives of the ERIS LLC for the subsidiaries of Gazprom LLC, contracting organizations and organizations related to the transportation of gas together with a representative of Gazprom Gazobezopasnost LLC - the head of the industrial safety analysis department R.S. Theme "Control of the air environment during the work of increased danger." The presentation was held in the form of a business game, during which the stages of temporary repairs, work in a confined space, gas hazardous and flammable works were presented. Participants in the session were to identify errors at each of the stages and give their recommendations on how to eliminate these errors during such work.
During the business game, wireless technologies by ERIS LLC were presented, aimed at controlling gas pollution during gas hazardous work and the construction of wireless networks during fire and flammable works was demonstrated. At the end of the presentation, the roundtable participants were able to live to see the latest ERIS equipment and make sure that these technologies greatly simplify the organization of safe work.