interactive space zone was opened in school №7

10:00, 16.09.2022

"Interactive space School + Company" zone was opened on 15th of September in 2022 in school №7. It is a part of a huge project "The Science of measuring".

Dyadyukov Dmitry Sergeevich gave a speech as the headmaster of the educational institution.

On behalf of the group of companies ERIS, Kolyshnitsyn Maxim Sergeevich - the director of IT department - welcomed the audience.

The employees of ERIS, whose children study at school №7, were also invited for this event. They were Batmanov A. A., Kurlov A. K., Musikhin A., Sheina E. V., Nifontov A. A., Terentyeva O. V., Kolesnikov E. M., Oparina J. S., Klimov A.S.

Our colleagues visited the classrooms of technology, physics, chemistry and its lab, scientific laboratory, information and library centre, metrological laboratory.

All those classrooms had been renovated and well equipped in partnership with ERIS.

The main objective of visiting the school was a possibility to learn about the school and its perspectives.