19 years of "ERIS"

10:18, 29.06.2020

On June 28, "ERIS" Limited Liability Company reached 19 years of age.

So much has been passed, so much work has been done to make the company flourish and successful today. To provide new jobs, to produce equipment ensuring the safety of life and health of people at production plants throughout the country and even in the countries of the Middle East and Europe.

The history of the company begins with the service activities in 1997, in 2001 a new company was established - " ERIS" LLC, which has been known to this day.

The basic stages of development:

2001-2005 — Opening of metrological laboratories, obtaining accreditation for the right of initial audit;

2006-2007 — production of the first own gas analyzers and controllers;

2015 — launch of the production complex with the output of 24,000 product units per year;

2016-2017 — production of the first portable gas analyzers and flame detectors;

2019 —unique products, many of which have no analogues in the world (such as Advant gas analyzer, wireless gas analytic systems, etc., were developed).

As of today, more than 170 employees work in "ERIS" Group.

At present, in a difficult time, despite the pandemic, a difficult economic situation, the transfer of some employees to remote work, the company continues its operation, the team continues to perform its duties, fulfilling the customers' orders in time.

We work to ensure your comfort and safety!