DGS ERIS-230-FR gas detector

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To belong to the line of gas detection of the DGS series ERIS-200, the modification of the DHS ERIS-230-FR with an infrared optical sensor for measuring the concentrations of Freon gases (freons) in the air of the working area.

The built-in OLED-display displays the current concentration directly at the place of installation of the gas analyzer. Maintenance of the device is facilitated by software fault diagnostics, as well as the included magnetic key.

Advantages of a gas detection:

- Ease of installation and ease of use
- Low power consumption
- Intertesting interval 1 year
- The possibility of obtaining an extended warranty - 5 years *
- On-site adjustment and calibration using a magnetic key or via a mobile application via a Bluetooth connection (optional)
- Permanent self-test
- OLED display and bright LED display
- Low error, high sensitivity
- Fast establishment of indications (T0,9 <5 seconds)
- Light and sound siren (optional)
- Versions in aluminum or steel casing
- The ability to work as part of the systems, and independently
- Protection against dust and water
- Embedded certified software with protection level "C"

Main specifications:

  • DGS ERIS-230-FR (with infrared optical sensor for freons
Output signals
  • 4-20 mA
  • RS-485/Modbus
  • HART (optional)
  • HART with a local socket for intrinsically safe connection (optional)
  • Bluetooth (for configuration only)(optional)
3 relays (optional):
Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Fault (220V, 2,5A)
  • painted aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • 1 Ex d [ia] IIC T6 X
IP ratingIP67
  • 60 sec.
The time of warming of gas detector in minutes, max
  • 10 minutes
Rated supply voltage, V
The range of input voltage, V
Average service life, years, not less

Mean time between failures, h
  • 35000
The range of ambient temperature and analyzed environments, °C
  • from minus 60 to plus 65
Relative humidity,%, no more
Atmospheric pressure range, kPa
from 84 to 106,7
Verification interval
  • 1 year
  • 1 year
The basic package
  • Gas detector
  • Magnetic key
  • Passport
  • User Manual
Additional equipment on request
  • Calibration cap
  • Pipe mounting kit
  • Duct mounting kit
  • Sunshade/deluge protection
  • Cable entry
  • Cable entry plug
Approved measurement accuracy of oil vapors
List of measured gases
  • R134 (C2H2F4)
  • R125 (C2HF5)
  • R22 (CHCIF2)
  • R12 (C2Cl2F2)
  • R227 (C3HF7)