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ERIS SMV Series 400

“ERIS SMV 400 Series” Emissions Monitoring Automated Information System (AIS) is designed to comply with Federal Law No. 219-FZ dd. July 21, 2014 “On Amendments to Federal Law ‘On Environment Protection’ and Individual Regulations of the Russian Federation” signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on July 21, 2014 under “Ecology” National Project.

"ERIS BSK 400 series" wireless systems for your safety

The system combines portable, fixed, mobile gas detectors, portable controllers, mobile and fixed AWS and a wireless data transmission system.


Блок управления программно-техническим комплексом газоаналитической и пожарной автоматики

Portable Device ERIS S-POINT (SOS button)

ERIS S-POINT (SOS button) portable device is used for sending a hazard warning signal to paired devices even in the places with no other communication available. It ensures timely response and prevention of emergency situation at a production site, as well as saving the life and health of workers at the sites.

Mobile applicatios

Mobile applications for devices based on Android OS for configuration of ERIS gas detector.

MicroGas in mask gas detector ensure breathing air safety

ERIS LLC offers the innovative solution – gas detector MicroGas for monitoring the remaining life of the gas masks and respirators filter elements.

Thermocatalytic sensor

The thermocatalytic sensor (DCT series) is designed to measure pre-explosive concentrations of hydrocarbons, including hydrogen, in the working area at the facilities of general industrial use and hazardous industries. The sensor includes a sensing element based on patented technology and provides high resistance to overloading and poisoning by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hexamethyldisilane (HMDS).

Сatalytic bead

Сatalytic bead detects a presence and measures concentration of flammable gases and vapoursin air in range of 0-100% LEL with overload immunity. The bead exhibits excellent long term zero and sensitivity stability and аhigh level of resistance to catalytic poisons of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS).