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PG ERIS-414 Multi-gas portable detector

Multi-gas portable detector, delivering long runtime and reliability — plus small size, low cost and the easiest user experience. Designed for control of gas concentration in the immediate presence of local personnel. It has wide list of detectable gases, a wide temperature range from -45 to +50 °C, and simple operation make the instrument indispensable to the objects of production and processing of oil and gas, as well as in the chemical industry and utilities.

Mobile applicatios

Mobile applications for devices based on Android OS for configuration of ERIS gas detector.

Беспроводные системы контроля "ЭРИС БСК серии 400"

Система объединяющая в себе портативные, стационарные, передвижные газоанализаторы, носимые контроллеры, передвижные и стационарные АРМ и систему беспроводной передачи данных.