MicroGas in mask gas detector ensure breathing air safety

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MicroGas in mask gas detector ensure breathing air safety

Reasons for using the gas indicator for gas masks

The gas indicator MicroGas gives a signal for the timely filter elements replacement, ensures the personnel safety, reduces the gas mask filters consumption.

When using a full face mask, half face mask or respirator, it is crucial to monitor the remaining life of the filter element that depends on pollutant concentration or type. Normally, the filter elements are replaced as soon as the gas mask users recognize any specific odourcoming through the filter. Such method can hardly be called reliable as it involves the risk of poisoning the gas mask users. In addition, there are odourlessgases, such as carbon monoxide, and in this case the filter operability is determined by its weight. Such method is also rather unreliable for estimation of the filter elements efficiency.

On the other hand, rather commonly the filters are replaced ahead of timedue to the users’ recognition of specificodours. Tests of the filter elements withdrawn from service revealed that every second filter worked properly and did not need to be replaced. Therefore, the exact estimation of the filter remaining life has an important economic justification.