New installation for liquid flow meters verification and calibration

12:00, 20.06.2016

In December 2015 our company together with the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS) were carried out test setup of calibration volume-mass installation - RUOM-500 to compliance requirements of the standard unit of volume and mass flow to First class accuracy. Mass reproduction range (by volume) from 0.8 to 500 tons / hour (m3 / h). "ERIS" company expanded opportunities for calibration of flowmeters of different diameters and precision. Currently, following services are carried out: repair, setup, calibration, veryfication of flowmeters with nominal diameters from 4 mm to 300 mm of various types of foreign and russian manufacturers. For customers new installation gives a qualitative and operational maintenance of the complex heat meters, vortex flowmeters, electromagnetic, turbine, mass, ultrasonic full-bore and overhead.